About The Dum Dums



Thanks for checking out the website. The Dum Dums are a fictitious sixties style band that I started as a bit of fun back in 2008

All the songs, vocals and music were written and produced by myself. The first song “Running Again” took just a few hours messing around in the studio trying to create something that sounded like it was from the sixties. I sung the lead vocal & the female guide backing vocals, but I never replaced them with a female singer due to the song not being a real project, but just a bit of fun.


The song fooled a few people when they heard it into thinking it was a real band from the sixties, which was fun for me. Then the project started taking on it’s own form the more I made, and the songs started to have a strong spooky feel to them.


I made some more songs in my spare time, and after playing the songs to a music manager friend of mine, he was very interested in teaming me up with an artist who had a top 10 song at the time in the U.K charts 2016, his song also had a 60’s rock n roll feel to it.

But before we started working on anything together the artists manager ended up ruining the agreement due to greed, and so it got left on the shelf.

should mention that none of the videos used are my own property, and they are only being used for the purposes of entertaining The Dum Dums songs.

Every now and then when I am not producing or writing professionally I still record a new song idea for The Dum Dums, and try to find a video to edit for it.

Many years later, and I have decided to place them on Youtube so that some people may also get enjoyment out of them. Although most of the songs do not sound amazingly authentic, they do capture the spooky side of sixties music, and even though it is me singing on the songs (Badly), and I do not consider myself a singer, nor do I think I have a great voice, they at least sound interesting. I have tried producing the songs to a higher standared, but when I do something gets lost and they do not keep that spooky sixties feel, so I have left them raw for everybody to hear.


I own, and have registered all the rights to all the compositions & songs with Copyright House. I am a professional producer and writer, you can find some of my works here —>  JUSTINCANTON.COM

I also work with many people in the industry including Musicologists, Managers, and large companies like Sony, Emi, Extreme Music etc. If you are reading this and contemplating using any of my works, or plagiarising them in any way, it would be best for you to contact me so we can possibly work together if you have something interesting to discuss.

I have had enough of hearing my song demo's copied and on the radio for one lifetime, plus it's pretty boring and costly suing people for plagiarizing my work all the time.


Thank you for checking out the Dum Dums, and if you would like to contact me please feel free, just hit the contact button above. Remember to give the videos on Youtube a thumbs up, and subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss the next Dum Dums song that pops out of my head and onto Youtube.

Sixties hugs x



  All songs, vocals, recordings, writing and music productions by Justin Canton ©2021

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